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Moving forward and stepping back

This post is a long time coming but I wasn’t sure how to put it into words and I wanted to be confident in the decisions I was making. In the past few years I have seen many fellow business owners stepping back from their respective business. Whether cutting hours, shifting specialties or completely closing- folks are taking steps to prioritize the things that bring them joy in their lives.   I truly believe that one of the “benefits” of the pandemic was that it forced many of us to slow down and take stock of our lives.  

My first business "pause" was when my son was both over 9 years old.

In late 2010, after spending years working in higher education, I was lucky enough to be able to switch careers to a job that gave me an outlet for my creativity while allowing flexibility in my home life.  In the past 13 years, as Blue Daisy Art grew,  my client roster grew and demands on my time because greater than I hoped.  After my son was born 9 years ago, I attempted to shift and adapt my focus to give myself time with my family while not letting my clients down.  I moved to not booking high school seniors, only photographing families in the fall, and somewhat limiting the number of births and newborns I booked.

As a Gen X’er though I grew up in a time when being super busy and having more, more, more defined success.  I also have a hard time saying no and have serious FOMO (fear of missing out.). When I took a season off from photographing families, I got a little sad looking at the images captured by other photographers of gorgeous fall colors with families I loved to capture.  

I am now though at a point in my life when I am counting down the years in which my own kids are still at home.  My kids are active and busy and between school, sports and activities, I am lucky to have any time with them.   While driving with my daughter recently I looked over at her and thought “I only have a few years left with you before you leave for college” and I started tearing up.

So what does all this have to do with Blue Daisy art?  Initially my plan was to close my doors, but I am not ready for that.  I would like to take this year as a test to see what my schedule will allow.  So, for now…

I will not be booking:

  • Fall family sessions
  • Milestone (sitter, 1 year, etc.) sessions from new clients
  • Births from new clients
  • Extended family sessions

I will be booking: 

  • a very small number of newborn and maternity sessions from new and returning clients
  • milestone sessions from returning clients (which may include family images if booking a “complete” session)
  • New Arrival Sessions (Fresh 48/In-hospital sessions) from new and returning clients
  • Previously purchased or donation gift cards, which can be used for family or newborn sessions

What is up in the air?

  • Christmas Mini-Sessions.  I will take the next couple months to decide if and when I will offer up the Christmas “Milk and Cookies” sessions

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and if at any point I begin to open up additional sessions, I will inform folks via facebook. Below is part if my “why”. Why I am stepping back, as my kiddos (and my husband and I) are not getting any younger and time moves too fast.

Thanks, Vicky

Claire 1 year old | Sherman Springfield IL Baby Photographer

One year sessions are so bittersweet for me, as often times I get to see the adorable babies I work with every couple months and then once they turn one I don’t! Adorable Claire was truly such a pleasure to capture over her first year.  From her newborn session and her *blessing* a book her momma brought, to her sassy 4 month session, we have made some fun memories together but my favorites by far are her infectious smiles.  This cuties has developed such an amazing personality and we always have fun together.  Thank you to her family for entrusting me to capture her first year!

Cannon 1 year old | Rochester Springfield IL Photographer

When it came time to blog this little guys session I couldn’t believe how much he has changed since I capture these images last May.   Since this one year session below was captured, this cutie has become a big brother!!  For his one year session last May, he was his usual happy self with some of his adorable personality coming out in his images.   Of course for his smash cake session, his Cubs fan parents opted for a set-up to support their favorite team and Cannon sure was a fan of his cake!

Eloise 1 year old | Springfield New Berlin IL Baby Photographer

When I moved into my home studio, one of the inns I was most excited about was the fact that we had a beautiful backyard which backed up to an equally beautiful golf course.  While most of my milestone sessions take place in my studio occasionally, if weather allows, we can sneak outside for a few images and take advantage of the greenery and natural light.  This was a perfect idea for Miss Eloise’s one year session.  Mom mentioned that she would like a picture of Eloise with each of her parents to capture her big milestone of turning one.   I remember the day this sweet little girl was born and being there at the hospital that day was so much fun.

After we moved inside to capture a few images it was time for her smash cake!  Her mom had coordinated the most adorable pink and gold set-up but….unfortunately Eloise wanted nothing to do with her cake (it happens more than you think.)   Getting sticky icing on her fingers was the last thing this cutie wanted.  Fortunately, mom jumped in and was able to warm her up to the idea of cake- as long as mom would feed her to her, lol!     Can’t wait for this cutie to become a big sister this coming April!

Otto 1 year old | Williamsville Springfield IL Photographer

One year olds just crack me up sometimes.   It is that age where they are getting out of the infancy stage and starting to explore the world around them and often times give me the cutest expressions!   For the smash cake portion of his session little Otto was so much fun to watch as he devoured his yummy monster cake.   One of my favorite things to do after a smash cake is what I call the splash portion.   Since little ones tend to get quite messy during their smash cakes, I have found that putting them in a small bath afterwards not only helps the parents to clean them off before going home, but also reaps some adorable extra images for their gallery.   How cute is Otto’s sweet smile as he enjoys his warm bubble bath?!

Victoria Kegg of Blue Daisy Art is a fresh and modern portrait photographer. She specializes in birth, maternity, & infant photography, but also captures families and children. Blue Daisy Art is based in Springfield, IL.

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