Otto 1 year old | Williamsville Springfield IL Photographer

One year olds just crack me up sometimes.   It is that age where they are getting out of the infancy stage and starting to explore the world around them and often times give me the cutest expressions!   For the smash cake portion of his session little Otto was so much fun to watch as he devoured his yummy monster cake.   One of my favorite things to do after a smash cake is what I call the splash portion.   Since little ones tend to get quite messy during their smash cakes, I have found that putting them in a small bath afterwards not only helps the parents to clean them off before going home, but also reaps some adorable extra images for their gallery.   How cute is Otto’s sweet smile as he enjoys his warm bubble bath?!

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Victoria Kegg of Blue Daisy Art is a fresh and modern portrait photographer.  She specializes in birth, maternity, & infant photography, but also captures families and children.  Blue Daisy Art is based in Springfield, IL.


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