About Vicky

Hi, I’m Vicky!WebsiteHeadshot

You are looking for someone to capture beautiful, timeless images of your family.  Whether the birth of a new child or gorgeous family images, I understand the stress that can go into selecting a photographer.

Throughout my life I have always been the planner, the organizer, and the person who was obsessed with all the details.  Buying a new car?  I’m reading consumer reports and other reviews.   Planning a vacation?  I’m on trip advisor and doing a google maps overview of the hotel.

Details are my jam.  I love making sure things are perfectly beautiful and I work hard to make sure every tiny finger is in place and the setting is just right.   While I specialize in capturing births and newborn portraits, I also enjoy photographing maternity images, children and family sessions.   I absolutely love telling the story of new life and that first year is one that goes by so quickly.  From the first tiny movements you feel in your belly to having an exploring, inquisitive 1 year old, you will blink and that time will be gone.

I pride myself in being able to tell the story of your family.  I am experienced in handling and soothing newborns and getting genuine smiles out of kiddos young and old.  Let me help you capture that time with timeless professional images.  Contact me and I can share more information with you about my sessions!


Most days you can find me…shuffling my kiddos between school and activities, balancing my times between shooting/editing sessions and piles of laundry and dishes.

I am mostly known for…my addiction to coffee, capturing my kids childhood, being a perfectionist, and my passion for crystal clear images of babies (who wants their babies face out of focus?)  Well, and doing anything to get an adorable smile out of a little one (I do an awesome Elmo voice.)

Some of my favorite things are…the theatre (with real live people, not just big screens), Starbucks, binge watching  TV shows, roasting marshmallows in my backyard, and sweet wines.

familyPeople often refer to me as…“The Baby Whisperer.”   I have yet to meet a baby that I haven’t been able to sooth, and trust me I have had some challenging ones.  Often after a session parents will ask me to come home with them to help them in the middle of the night, lol.

The thing I am most passionate about in life is…raising my kiddos to be self-reliant, empathetic, and altruistic.  In my opinion, encouraging care for others and helping your children to do for themselves and others are so essential to developing well rounded kids!

How I got into this photography thing… After obtaining my Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs (think half-counselor/half-administration) I worked in college student affairs for several years. I married my husband Jason in 2009 and we now have two beautiful children, Josie and James.

After the birth of our first child I had decided to take time off from my full-time career.  I absolutely loved spending time at home and found myself capturing my daughter with my point and shoot camera on a regular basis.It was 2009 that I bought my first dslr camera, and the former educator in me knew that I had to learn as much as I could. I threw myself into learning and went on to take courses at the Chicago Photography Academy, through Canon Learning, and a ton of online sources.