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Isabelle Mommy and Me | Springfield Jerome IL Photographer

Alright folks, I am going to be real with you.  Like REALLY real with you.  Years ago, when I evaluating my business model and knew that I wanted to focus on newborns-  one of the reasons I chose to go that route was the 14 month-3 year old.   You all…toddlers are HARD and frustrating to photograph sometimes.  I mean like, really hard. Especially if you needed them to work with you for more than 10 minutes.  If you have an 18 month-old that doesn’t want to cooperate (which really is most 18 month-olds) there wasn’t a ton I could do.   At the time, I had two pretty young kiddos of my own and had enough of my own toddler battles at home.

However, over the past several years after doing a LOT of newborn/sibling images, with many kiddos in that age range, I began to realize something about this age group. Even though I had to sometimes work REALLY hard, once I got those adorable images, it was really rewarding.   Toddlers, while obstinate and not quiet yet old enough to bribe, were often really fun.   Sure, they may not sit for you when you ask them or give you a big smile but man oh man do they have personality.   Thus enter Miss Isabelle.

This gorgeous little girl had one of the most eventful births I have ever captured and I feel so lucky that her momma entrusted me to capture her first year.  In the spring when her mom mentioned getting some outdoor images of the two of them, I jumped at the chance. Isabelle had always been a joy to capture and even though I knew she was at that tough toddler age,I was up for the challenge.  Sure, this sweetie would NOT keep the gorgeous floral crown her momma got for her on her head for more than a second or two and sure, she was a little bit of a stinker occasionally, but my patience, goofiness and “go with it” attitude allowed me to capture some precious images of this cutie and her mom which I know she will treasure for years to come.


Cameron 6 months old | Auburn Springfield IL Baby Photographer

I first met adorable Cameron and his family at his newborn session and at that session he was a total dream!  His adorable hair, lips and dimple, along with his sweet demeanor, just won me over.   Flash forward now to his 6 month session and not only did he still have that awesome hair, lips dimple, and personality but add in some dreamy bright blue eyes and cute front teeth.   Oh my goodness, I seriously was just in LOVE with his session.   His sweet sisters tagged along as well so we were able to capture and updated sibling image for his parents as well.

You all, I LOVE sitter sessions.  For some kiddos, like Cameron, it can occur around 6 months but for some it is closer to 7 or 8 months (or for some early babies even later.)   I have a closet full of adorable sitter outfits for boys and girls, like the cute denim romper that Cameron is sporting below.   I just love sweet and simple outfits that focus on the baby!

Chizara 2 years old | Rochester Springfield IL Photographer

A few years ago, this adorable little cutie came into my studio for her newborn images.  Now she is a big sister and close to turning three years old.  The session below was for both her 2 year session (yep, I am almost a year behind in blogging) and for her parents to announce their pregnancy with number two (moms maternity session and baby brothers newborn session blogs are coming soon…)
Two years old is such a fun and crazy age.  Their second year development happens so fast and all of a sudden you no longer have a baby but a walking, talking little person.   Chizara here was a big fan of the baby shark song, which I’m sure many parents sing in their sleep!

Josie 8 years old Glitter Session | Springfield Chatham IL Photographer

Over the past couple months I have seen a lot of photographers advertising glitter sessions.   If you have been following my blog, you have seen that I have done this sessions in the past and they are certainly fun.   I’ve never officially offered glitter sessions but I can integrate them into your child’s session for no additional charge if this is something you are interested in.

Last year around this time I was working on Keira and Kimber’s session where we ended the session with some glitter fun.   My adorable 7, almost 8 year old, saw the images on my computer and sweetly requested that SHE get to play with glitter in my studio.   So, when the time came for her to turn 8, her GOLDEN birthday I knew I had to accommodate her request.   We had SO much fun with this session and it *almost* made up for me finding glitter in my studio for months, lol.

Charlie 6 months old | Springfield Chatham IL Baby Photographer

Sweet Charlie and his gorgeous blue eyes came in to see me for his milestone session and he was absolutely such a doll!  I absolutely LOVE sitter sessions too.  I love the sweet expressions that I get from them, the curiosity, the smiles.   I also loved that Charlie’s mom was up for using one of the outfits from my baby wardrobe collection.  Over the past couple years I have worked with various vendors to find some of the cutest outfits for kiddos.   I love simple outfits that allow you to focus on the child and this cream romper is just that.

Victoria Kegg of Blue Daisy Art is a fresh and modern portrait photographer. She specializes in birth, maternity, & infant photography, but also captures families and children. Blue Daisy Art is based in Springfield, IL.

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