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Moving forward and stepping back

This post is a long time coming but I wasn’t sure how to put it into words and I wanted to be confident in the decisions I was making. In the past few years I have seen many fellow business owners stepping back from their respective business. Whether cutting hours, shifting specialties or completely closing- folks are taking steps to prioritize the things that bring them joy in their lives.   I truly believe that one of the “benefits” of the pandemic was that it forced many of us to slow down and take stock of our lives.  

My first business "pause" was when my son was both over 9 years old.

In late 2010, after spending years working in higher education, I was lucky enough to be able to switch careers to a job that gave me an outlet for my creativity while allowing flexibility in my home life.  In the past 13 years, as Blue Daisy Art grew,  my client roster grew and demands on my time because greater than I hoped.  After my son was born 9 years ago, I attempted to shift and adapt my focus to give myself time with my family while not letting my clients down.  I moved to not booking high school seniors, only photographing families in the fall, and somewhat limiting the number of births and newborns I booked.

As a Gen X’er though I grew up in a time when being super busy and having more, more, more defined success.  I also have a hard time saying no and have serious FOMO (fear of missing out.). When I took a season off from photographing families, I got a little sad looking at the images captured by other photographers of gorgeous fall colors with families I loved to capture.  

I am now though at a point in my life when I am counting down the years in which my own kids are still at home.  My kids are active and busy and between school, sports and activities, I am lucky to have any time with them.   While driving with my daughter recently I looked over at her and thought “I only have a few years left with you before you leave for college” and I started tearing up.

So what does all this have to do with Blue Daisy art?  Initially my plan was to close my doors, but I am not ready for that.  I would like to take this year as a test to see what my schedule will allow.  So, for now…

I will not be booking:

  • Fall family sessions
  • Milestone (sitter, 1 year, etc.) sessions from new clients
  • Births from new clients
  • Extended family sessions

I will be booking: 

  • a very small number of newborn and maternity sessions from new and returning clients
  • milestone sessions from returning clients (which may include family images if booking a “complete” session)
  • New Arrival Sessions (Fresh 48/In-hospital sessions) from new and returning clients
  • Previously purchased or donation gift cards, which can be used for family or newborn sessions

What is up in the air?

  • Christmas Mini-Sessions.  I will take the next couple months to decide if and when I will offer up the Christmas “Milk and Cookies” sessions

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and if at any point I begin to open up additional sessions, I will inform folks via facebook. Below is part if my “why”. Why I am stepping back, as my kiddos (and my husband and I) are not getting any younger and time moves too fast.

Thanks, Vicky

Blue Daisy Art Babies: Then and Now

These past several weeks I have REALLY missed photographing those sweet babies. Several of my expectant clients delivered right before the state mandate restricting non-essential business closures, so we have been waiting….and waiting to get those cuties in my studio. A couple clients whose births I was supposed to be there to capture, I had to sit at home and receive texts from them after their sweet cuties were born. It has been hard for everyone, I know. Our world has been changed forever and this time in our lives is one we will not forget.

A couple weeks ago, I asked my former clients to brighten my day and send me an updated image of their babies whose newborn images I have captured over the past 8 years (I started my business 9 years ago, but my first newborn session was in March of 2012.) I LOVED seeing how these cuties have grown, and it’s super interesting to see how my photography skill and style changed as well.

So here I am sharing with you a few of the Blue Daisy Art babies over the past several years….then and now.

Blaire | Springfield Southern View IL Newborn Photographer

I cannot believe that this sweet little angel is now 9 months old already. It seems like yesterday that I was photographing her mama’s maternity session….the first year flies by folks.  When she came in for her newborn session I was so very excited.  With her adorable strawberry hair and pink skin we not only was a cutie, but she was super easy-going, just like her mom and dad.

Kamryn | Springfield Chatham IL Newborn Photographer

After her amazing maternity session in the spring, I was so excited for the birth of Kelli’s sweet baby girl. Her adorable little man Kyler was such a cutie pie and was so excited for his role as big brother and at his sweet sister Kamryn’s newborn session he did not disappoint.   Little Kamryn was a dream for her session, giving me tons of adorable smiles and sleeping soundly as I moved her throughout several different poses and set-ups.

Sloane | Springfield Girard IL Newborn Photographer

Like many of my clients, sweet Sloane’s parents were sent to me via a client of mine.  My business is built on referrals and I am so thankful when my clients suggest me to their friends and family.    When Sloane and her parents walked into the studio I was completely taken back by how gorgeous this sweet little baby was.   Her dark hair and long lashes were so cute and she had the most adorable little lips.   She allowed me to pose her with ease but especially loved being snuggled up in a soft wrap.   What a fun session!!

Victoria Kegg of Blue Daisy Art is a fresh and modern portrait photographer. She specializes in birth, maternity, & infant photography, but also captures families and children. Blue Daisy Art is based in Springfield, IL.

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