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Kelli | Springfield IL Maternity Photographer

Many years ago when I was first starting out in photography I had a sweet mom contact me regarding getting images of her newborn boy.   She had just moved back to the area and I was super excited to use my new “skills” that I was learning while taking lots of online and in-person classes in regards to baby photography.   After his session, I was able to see him grow through her facebook posts of him and it was so fun to see him grow from the tiny baby I photographed to an adorable little boy.   So I was SO thrilled when she was pregnant with number 2 and decided to contact me.  I would like to think that my photography skills have grown greatly in the 6 years since I photographed her adorable Kyler as a newborn and now she was pregnant with a little girl!
Kelli’s maternity session was a dream.  The weather was perfect.   Kyler was an angel of a big brother (and oh so photogenic!) and dad and mom were just adorable together!   Kelli sported a couple dresses from my maternity closet and the white buds on the trees created a perfect backdrop for the session.   What.a.dream!

Mary M | Springfield Chatham IL Maternity Photographer

While the buds are barely growing on the trees in early April and the weather is crazy unpredictable (I’m pretty sure we had snow on April 1st), every now and then you get a gorgeous day that provides the perfect backdrop for a sweet early spring session.  It was the.perfect.evening.   Temperature in the upper 70s, beautiful golden sunset and a darling couple!   I first met this couple at a dear friends 4th of July get together, my friends husband worked with this future dad-to-be.   Crazy enough, several months later this future momma-to-be would become my daughters’s Kindergarten teacher.   Now, flash forward a couple years later and I get the opportunity to photograph their maternity and newborn images!

Fun to note is that they allowed me to have a videographer come and take some video of me working with them.   The resulting  video can be  seen here:   Also, her outfit is from my studio “maternity closet.”  If you book your newborn/maternity session with me and you can come over and select from some of my gorgeous maternity-wear. Various sizes and styles are available.


Mary B | Springfield IL Maternity Photographer

When Mary first contacted me to schedule a maternity session, we discussed locations, wardrobe and how she would like to integrate her family into some of the images.  I was so excited for their session.  Flash forward to the date of their session and oh my goodness…it was one of the coldest March dates ever!   This adorable former-warm weather climate momma, braved the cold temps like a champ.    We utilized the downtown Springfield area and took some frequent breaks inside to warm up but got in some gorgeous images despite the frigid temps.

Victoria Kegg of Blue Daisy Art is a fresh and modern portrait photographer. She specializes in birth, maternity, & infant photography, but also captures families and children. Blue Daisy Art is based in Springfield, IL.

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