Kids were here | Month 2

We are a group of local photographer friends who have set out to document a slice of life that goes by way too quickly…childhood.  Our project is called The Kids Were Here, and is taken from the original project by Ketti Photography, who has so kindly allowed us to partake in part of this amazing project.  The idea is simple but gives such a strong message: to document what our children leave behind.  The purpose is to not only document the “messes,” but to capture a part of our lives and our children’s lives.  And although these things may seem trivial today or even a burden at times, these “messes” are the ones that will mean so much to us tomorrow and will be some of the most important images we will ever photograph, besides those of our children.

Since my 3 year old was just an infant she has had her “Issie.”  Issie is a soft, thin security blankie that she adores and sleeps with every night. On our recent trip to Walt Disney World she also fell in love with Dumbo.   It all began with riding the Dumbo ride 4 times in one day, then graduated to falling in love with the movie and singing “Baby Mine” on the top of her lungs.  As a gift, we got her a baby dumbo stuffed animal that is now near and dear to her.  The other day as she was running outside to play with her dad she laid Dumbo down on the couch and laid Issie over his head gently.   I know she won’t always care about these things as she does now, so I knew I had to capture it.


Please take a minute to follow the links to see the other local photographers who are also participating in this project.

Start here to see the talented work of Angie Jackson.



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