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Have you every been SO excited about something that you felt like a kid jumping on the bed?   You’re kind of scared that you might fall off and scared to jump off of it, but the feeling of having your feet off the ground was worth the risk.  Well, that has been me since June of last year.    It has been a long while (almost a year!) since I have posted on my blog,  but the thing is…there have been some exciting changes taking place at Blue Daisy Art that have kept me pretty darn busy.

For years, my husband and I had been searching for the perfect home for our family.  He wanted a golf course view and I wanted a large space that could accommodate my photography studio.  The studio space in our last home was ok, but it was small and really was only meant for newborns and babies under a year.  I  knew that I wanted a bigger home studio, one I could grow in.  I love the comfort that my clients feel being able to lounge on a couch outside of the studio and turn on Netflix while I work with their tiny baby.  I love being able to set up for sessions late at night and run downstairs if I had a creative change in the set-up for a session.  So when we finally found an almost perfect home last spring, we knew with a few renovations, we could make it perfect.

In June of 2017, we moved in (still on the west side of Springfield, IL) and shortly after I got my new studio up and running.   My new space was amazing and I loved being able to photograph newborns and their families with ease.   My newborn portrait sessions and baby milestone sessions were more efficient with me having several set-ups ready to go when baby arrived.   After a busy summer of getting adjusted to a new home and keeping up with sessions, the late summer weather arrived.  I was itching to shoot outside more.   After 6 years of ONLY focusing my business on babies, births and bellies, I was ready to dip my feel in some family and child sessions.  I took just a few number of family sessions and loved it (keep your eyes peeled for some blogs of those sessions!)

At the end of fall, I knew that I wanted to do something special for my clients.  Whether I took their babies pictures 7 1/2 years ago when I was first started out or I just did their newborn session a couple weeks ago,  I have always valued the relationship I have with my clients.  I opened an exclusive facebook group solely for my clients and invited them to come to my new studio for some FREE Christmas mini-sessions.   I wasn’t sure exactly how it would go, but it completely exceeded my expectations (again, blog post featuring some of those images coming.)   I loved working with kids and families of all ages and it solidified the fact that I wanted to work with more than just the babies I have been photographing the past several years.

I knew that I wanted to keep the number of  child and family sessions small, as I wanted to make sure I had time for my focus of newborns and births, but I missed seeing my former baby clients and their families and I knew that by opening myself up for family and child portrait sessions, it would give me that chance.

For the past several months, I have been bouncing on the bed, but not quite ready to jump off.  I wasn’t exactly sure what my family and family sessions would look like or how I would structure them (Would I offer outdoors and in-studio family sessions? Would I only offer mini-sessions or would I offer full sessions too? Would I offer child-only sessions?)   I also knew that after 5 years with the same pricing structure for my newborn and baby sessions there needed to be some changes.  I was known for giving galleries much larger that promised, which in turn resulted in me spending a LOT of time editing a lot of images.   I knew that if I was going to expand to include family and child sessions- I had to manage my time better.  I wanted parents to have the images they want.  The ones they will print and hang in their homes.  The images they will look at for years.  I didn’t want to waste time editing images that weren’t their favorites.

Finally, late this winter I embarked on a re-branding process for my studio.   It was more than just updating my logo, it was a process and reflection on what makes my photography business special and unique.  It was looking at WHY my clients select me and what my values as a business are.  I also hired an awesome local videographer, Lydia Stuemke, to follow me on a newborn and maternity session so that I could share some insight into what my sessions are like with prospective clients.

So here I am,  *almost* ready to jump off the bed.   Look for some BIG giveaways in the next few weeks to celebrate this jump with me.  I’m in the process of finalizing my portrait information guide for prospective clients, working on a way to highlight the amazing video that Lydia created, and I’m continually working on updating my newly designed website here.

Hi there!

Victoria Kegg of Blue Daisy Art is a fresh and modern portrait photographer.  She specializes in birth, maternity, & infant photography, but also captures families and children.  Blue Daisy Art is based in Springfield, IL.


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